Welcome to MildNet Sale Tools
Before shopping, you must register on this website by using a valid email address. By registering you has been read and agree to all the rules that exist in our website, namely:

  1. Do not buy anything to the seller if you do not believe
  2. Tools that we sell are Hacked Tools, namely tools obtained by hacking or scanning. So maybe tools that you buy are not just your own, because there are many other people who hack or scanning and got the same tools.
  3. All tools are fresh namely acquired or hacked recently and has been tested according to function.
  4. No re-sale. Tools you have purchased is yours entirely and not be our responsibility, we will remove the tools from our stock. therefore we hope that you immediately check out and use them directly within 24 hours after you get it.
  5. No delivery system. because it is a tool in the form of scripts, links, a small file (notepad) that does not require a delivery system.
  6. No taxes. Prices shown in each of the tools already included tax
  7. Check carefully the tools you are going to order before making a payment. We hope that you really check out the tools that will be purchased by reading the specification and description of these tools from start to type, specification, price, etc.
  8. Errors orders are not our responsibility.
  9. Before you make a payment be sure to contact us via our 24/7 Online Support (ICQ, YM, Live Chat).
  10. Confirmation of payment can be made through Payment Confirmation menu or our 24/7 Online Support (ICQ, Yahoo Msg, or Live Chat). Tools will be sent shortly after you make a payment confirmation, or a maximum of 1 hour after you make the payment.
  11. All tools are only sent via Online Support (ICQ, YM or Live Chat)
  12. We only serve the payment method Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Paypal. For payments via Bitcoin, speed or delay confirmation of the payment depends on the Blockchain


Complaint And Replacement

  1. No one can guarantee the quality of hacked tools, therefore we only guarantee for 24 hours of the time you get the tools you buy.
  2. We only serve the replacement of tools in less than 24 hours since you get these tools, the following provisions:
    –  Tools is die (not open)
    –  Tools are not in accordance with the specifications (eg: not unzip, do not deliver, etc.)
    –  Tools phissing
    –  Tools resold (already been purchased earlier)
    –  We will try resetting (fixing) the tools if possible, otherwise we will replace a new one.
    –  Replacement does not apply to tools that have user / pass like cPanel, FTP, Directadmin, ssh,    etc. are experiencing any password or password changed. Therefore, we expect that you should never try to change any passwords.
  3. More than 24 hours we serve not complain for any reason, to immediately check the tools that you bought just after you get it.
  4. No Refund. By whatever reason we do not serve money back.
  5. No Ripping. We are a older and proffesional seller with many buyer in the world. We never rip anybody



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